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How many users from my company can I have?

Number of users are dependant on which plan you choose. With maptLite, you will be able to add up to 3 users and can integrate a maximum of 3 different vendors or suppliers. With mapt and maptPro, you can have as many users as you want to replicate the real life ordering and approval process for marketing activations.

You can view our different plans here to see what else is included.

Can my vendors or suppliers be on mapt as well?

One of the key advantages of mapt is having all parties in the marketing activation process communicating in a central and collaborative tool. For mapt to run to its full potential, it is essential that all your vendors, suppliers, and agencies are using the application together. With mapt and maptPro, you are able to connect with an each and every one of your vendors. maptLite only allows up to 3 vendors to collaborate together.

What kind of support does mapt offer?

If you are a user of maptLite or mapt, you have access to all web tutorials and live chat during our business hours. If you are a user of maptPro, you will have a dedicated contact which will provide answers within 24 hours, as well as 24/7 support from our customer service department.

You can view our different plans here to see what else is included.

How often will I be billed?

For mapt and maptPro, you will be billed monthly based on active users on your system. maptPro also required a one-time development fee to adapt the application to your process, procedures, and employee roles. maptLite is our free service, with limited features and capabilities.

Is my information safe on mapt?

We understand how sensitive your personal and corporate information is. Thats why mapt is backed with the worlds most secure and advance systems from top to bottom. We use Amazon AWS to protect your information, Amazon RDS to protect the data uploaded to mapt, and Amazon EC2 + VPC to protect the hosting of our application.

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