We're helping companies elevate their executions.

Multi-vendor activations

Build entire activations with all vendors, suppliers, and agencies in one tool.

user specific dashboards

Helping each team member stay on task and meet deadlines.

activation tracking

Understand in real-time where each component of your activation stands.

some of the benefits our customers have seen


collaboration among
departments and vendors


taks and objectives
for team members


costs of marketing


time by standardizing
activation timelines

we're innovating the activation process

At mapt, we're committed to changing and innovating the traditional activation process. We're helping companies collaborate between their internal and external parties, provide insight to market data to understand demand, and allow companies to track progress of each execution.

how mapt is solving industry challenges

inefficient activation launches

By centralizing information and increasing visibility, mapt allows the complex world of activations to be simplified.

holding parties accountable

Setting timelines along each step in the activation process ensures all parties are accountable for their deliverables on-time and in full.

high execution

Through leveraging market data, mapt can help cut costs such as wastage and storage, as well as help leverage economies of scale to save money.

Tracking activation progress

Understand where your activation stands before, during, and after launch, and track shipments of marketing materials in real-time.